Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) has been a messenger to deliver ‘Love, Fantasy, and Adventure’ to those who love films. Many a film full of metaphor such as ‘Love, Fantasy, and Adventure’ has been encouraging the imagination of audience to interpret their lives in different points of view and to start new adventures.

The artist LEE Haejeong has created the messenger that delivers dreams and fantasies as the main character of PiFan poster illustration. The main character of this poster illustration symbolizes the film makers who are expanding the boundaries of the culture of the 21st century and, at the same time, the audiences who love films.

The tree that the messenger is shedding light on is a modification of ‘Kkebi’, the logo of PiFan; it contains the present and future image of PiFan which breaks the fixed forms and conventions, and welcomes the diversity and creative transforming. In the year 2007, the 11th PiFan will bloom into a flower of fantasy nourished with the light of love.

  • Designer : Artist LEE Haejeong
  • 2007 Illustrated Special Theme in a company magazine, Daekyo Love in March
  • 2007 Illustrated a philosophy book for teenagers [Introduction to the considering ways to find myself (I-Se woom Publishing Co.)]
  • 2006 Illustrated a storybook [My brother and Today (Yesol Publishing Co.)]
  • 2006 Illustrated a storybook [A thinking car and a man (Daeyeon Publishing Co.)]