The official poster of PiFan 2004 was conceived from the image of "Freak Show." It represents in a wild and old-fashioned touch PiFan as a festival that is willing to break the taboos and lead the audience to the extraordinary world.

"The Sausage Brothers" holding a camera in the poster were transformed from 'Ggaebie,' the logo of PiFan. They are equipped with a skill of cinematography and their vocation is to create 'Fantasy,' one of the three PiFan themes of Love, Fantasy, and Adventure. It is a tribute to the directors who have been enthusiastically making films to open up a fantastic world to us. The other selves of little sausages coming out from the camera symbolize their being nutrient to the little animals watching the magical scene. With the 'fantastic character' transformed from food, the poster embraces not only popular and friendly image of the PiFan, but also strange yet humorous touch.

Poster Designer, Park Si-young

Siyoung PARK created last year’s PiFan official website. By framing this animated website, he did an important role in delivering PiFan’s own lively, fun, and fantastic image to numerous Netizens. Once again this year, he will delight us with another visual pleasure at the PiFan 2004’s website. Besides, PiFan’s website and poster, he also designed several interesting websites for events such as Independent forum, Pier Paolo Pasolini film festival, and Jean Renoir film festival.