Festival Lady

PiFan2005 Festival Lady "Jang Shin-young"

Miss Shin-Young Jang, a promising and bright actress in Chungmooro(the center of Korean film Industry), is entitled as PiFan’s 9th festival lady who will represent our concept such as freshness, bizarre and novelty.

Miss Jang, PiFan’s 9th festival lady, is currently working on MBC Drama series where she is performing a character who has to go time travels between the Past and Present. In every episode, she performs the very different characters in different time, so she is considered one of representative actresses who will be the leader of Korean Film industry.

She has the remarkable debut in film industry because she was cast with Mr. Min Sick Choi who is famous for his breathtaking performance in "Old Boy" and "when the Spring Comes."

Miss Jang always has shown her sincere affection toward cinema, saying “I don’t mind taking part in low-budget pictures as long as I can be sure about its quality.” Miss Jang as PiFan’s face will take part in PiFan’s various events herself for the success of PiFan2005 and also give many media release to publicize PiFan2005 to the overseas press as well.