Festival Lady

PiFan2001 Festival Lady "JANG Jin-young"

JANG Jin-young, known for her roles in such films as <The Foul King>, <Siren>, and various TV dramas, is an actress with the capability to play various characters-sometimes sensitive characters, and other times wild rough coarse characters. For the 5th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, we have asked Ms. JANG to be our Festival Lady. As the Festival Lady, she will participate in various official ceremonies including the press conferences, opening/closing ceremonies, and the opening ceremony for the volunteers. Ms. JANG, through these activities, will publicize PiFan2001 to the audiences and film makers all over. Furthermore, in this year's closing film, <Sorum>, the audience will get a chance to see Ms. JANG's successful transformation from just a beautiful actress to a serious performer