Festival Lady

PiFan2000 Festival Lady "Bae Doo-na"

What joy is joy, if Diva Doona be not seen at PiFan. What light is light, if Viva Doona be not seen at PiFan. Do you remember the frightening but pitiable spirit of the mystery thriller movie, "The Ring"? Yes, she is the actress who had to fight against the mortal's world alone, and she is the one who brought "Doona syndrome" to Korea; on the street you can easily find these girls trying to look just like her. Yes, that is she. DooNa Bae, the actress.

She is coming to PiFan as the 4th festival lady after SooYeon Kang, SangMee Choo and HeeKyung Jean. It seems so natural that PiFan chose her and it is so obvious if you think of how the world of PiFan matches with her; the world of Fantasy, Adventure and Romance. She appeared as this playful, but mysterious nymph guiding us to the land of Fantasy, and she proved herself in the movie, "The Ring" that she is a lion-hearted nymph fighting against the common world. Yes, that's right. Not even in that movie. She also breaks traditional norms in her real life. She says what she thinks is right, she does what she believes is right, and she shows us how to fight against all the unfairness of the mortal's world. That is why teenagers are crazy about her and want to be like her. She herself simply symbolizes the next generation in her cool life style. Then again she, however, still believes in Romance when everybody says Romance is dead. "What kind of life it would be if there is no Romance." She says. Yes, you can say that only the youth can believe in Romance, but there, it is easy to dream of Romance without knowing the dark side of it, but if you can still dream of it even after you have been through the darkness, that is true Romance and that is what she believes.