PiFan (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival), having opened its door in the summer of 1997 with the showing of Georges Melies' <Le voyage dans la lune>, is already celebrating its special 10th anniversary. PiFan started out as an effort from City of Puchon, which grew into a city of 800,000 population merely in 20 years after climbing to the rank of city, to strengthen its image as a city of culture.

The festival grew considerably since then, thanks to full-fledged support of the film aficionados from Seoul and its metropolitan areas.

During the past nine years, PiFan focused on recuperating of balance in film culture through films with emphasis on non-mainstream nature, such as films with styles that are considered alternative to the mainstream sentiment, 'B-Movies', and so forth. As a result, representative films such as <Kingdom> played a major role in spreading the opportunity to enjoy films that is not otherwise readily available in the mainstream film culture. At the same time, PiFan contributed significantly in incubating new directors of young sensibility, including Kim Ji-woon, to the ranks of world-class directors.

Upon celebrating its special 10th anniversary, PiFan is now taking yet another immense stop based upon its previous successes. As a 'fantastic film festival,' PiFan have centered itself with the programming of genre films that geared towards small number of aficionados, such as horror, SF and thriller among others. This is a trait it shares with traditional European fantastic film festivals. However, PiFan is now attempting to leap forward along with the advancement in technology and the mixing of mainstream and non-mainstream values, as it is evident in the results of the recent Academy Awards. In other words, while respecting the original qualities of genre films, the festival is expanding the boundaries between the genres that are increasingly becoming vague. Accordingly, the 10th PiFan is characterized with continued showcase of the latest genre film including horror and thriller, while pursuing diverse and fine programming in increasing manner.

What's more, key evaluation of the past nine years from its ardent audiences of "PiFan's forte lies in its special showcase," will continue to be a major characteristics of this 10th edition of the festival. In fact, in some respect, it presents the audience with special-like specials more than any other years in the past to show its appreciation for the audience on their continuous, active support of the festival. <Korean Director's Cut>, <Ishii Teruo specials>, <Comedy of Jacques Tati>, <Fritz Lang with music>, <Italian Horror Specials> and others shine the 10th PiFan even more with each showcase having deeper and broader significance.


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