The second PiFan began to make the full-scale preparation in September 1998 with the support of the Bucheon citizens and Bucheon City. The second Film Festival had the short preparation period but it was considered as the film festival with great contribution for financial stability of the festival as well as putting down the negative views on PiFan with its programming with great work products and stable event progress.

From the works shown, there were many moves loved by the fans including the Japanese works in <Samurai Fiction>, a new martial art movie with the taste of new generation, <Bounce> that depicted the reality of Japanese society through the showing of personal relationships based on financial support with the added taste in <Alexander>, a popular movie with the Korean-American animator, Peter Jung, who also worked on the character design, new sense of movies in <Run, Lola Run>, <The Unfish> and many others, with the passion over flown into the domestic movies.


Puchon Choice Awards