The third PiFan was the event to confirm that there is a firm and sound basis as the firm festival with 'love, fantasy and adventure' that carries the new millennium and this was particularly meaningful event to be the time and place to combine the movie-related persons in unity through the solidarity events of overseas guests who participated in the film festival together with the Screen Quarter Defense Emergency Action Committee in time of opening the movie market. In particular, The incidental events that had been prepared in the Film Festival, including ¡¸Academic Seminar and Exhibition Commemorating 80 Anniversary of Korean Movies¡¹, ¡¸Making Previews¡¹, ¡¸Imagica Digital Cinema Workshop¡¹,¡¸Overseas Marketing Plan of Korean Movies¡¹ and other planned events and seminars attracted great reaction that PiFan was recognized for the great selection of movies and the various planning strengths and thorough preparation.

Together with the explosive reaction on the midnight movie from the first festival, ¡ºCine Rock Night¡»had a lot of young audience burning their youth, when the movie showing and performance were held together, and the fever was leading to ¡ºPiFan in Seoul¡» that was continued in Cinema Oz after the Film Festival. Among the movies shown, the work produced by sophistication and low budget in <Cube>, <Velvet Goldmine> and <The Blair Witch Project> that brought out passionate reaction.

It was truly a place to discover the cine-artists for the future through the creative ideas in the 'Fantastic Short-Piece Collection.'


Puchon Choice Awards