8th Film

Subject : Homerun Ȩ
Director : Jack NEO ( ׿)
ETC : Singapore/2003/110min/35mm/Color10-year old school boy, Ah Kun lives with his pregnant mother and father, who earns a small salary doing odd jobs, and also his younger sister. Financially challenged but live brightly together. One day, Ah Kun loses his sisters shoes while running an errand but does not tell his parents. The siblings strike up a compromise. His sister will wear Ah Kuns shoes to school in the morning, then run homes so that Ah Kun can go to school in the afternoon. But his sister finds it difficult getting back on time and Ah Kuns school life is in a mess. The remake of Majid Majidi's Iranian film Children of Heaven, Homerun revives the simplicity of the original film but is set to the pre-independence background of Singapore in 965. Extending on Singapores political, economical and the social perplexities that were transforming Singapore at the time coupled with a nostalgic reminiscence of a by gone era. The striking difference between this remake and the original is the boy and his buddies intensified friendship and loyalty. A story about children learning too fast and being sacrificed in an unpleasant society made by adults. Enough to make an adult audience feel a sense of guilt. Dark tanned faces with skinny arms and legs sharing one pair of shoes, simple and innocent faced siblings running all day. Like the original, in Homerun the penniless children without the help of grown-ups try to solve their dilemma. The preserving without tears images of Ah Kun and his sister makes for a heartrending story. Although a touch long for a tear jerking film, the brother and sister and the cast of children give a faultless performance. (YI Sul)

Jack NEO ( ׿)
He is one of the most prolific filmmakers in Singapore. Since 1997, he has also been working as an actor and writer. He has directed That One Not Enough(1999) and I Not Stupid, which was released in Malaysia and Hong Kong with great success.