2th Film

Subject : The Arcane Enchanter 신비한 마법사
Director : Pupi Avati (푸피 아바띠 )
ETC : ITALY/1996/98min/1.66/color/35mm Bologna 1750. Giacomo, a novice in charge of the Archbishop's archives, is entangled in a love affair and flees to escape the punishment of the church. To be in safe hiding, he becomes a secretary to a nobleman who lives in a castle deep in the mountain. The nobleman is said to have been a former priest who had been expelled from the priesthood because of his interest in #999999 magic. Giacomo and the nobleman indulge in their experiments into the mysterious world of magic.
At last, Giacomo discovers the chilling truth, but...
Pupi Avati reacts the scene of the 18th-century Italy through thorough research. The high shelves full of books, the beautiful rural scenery of a village and river, and the facial expressions and movements of characters revive a civilization long forgotten. As the story of mystery and magic reels on the background, a new age is born, mingling the Middle Age and the modern times in one space. This film has the elements of a historical drama, a mystery and a thriller but does not belong to any one category. The classic and solid style and the way of unfolding the story are much different from what is in fashion among the cinema world of today. It is a movie that doesn't pay any attention to genres and fashion.
P.S.: If you are an avid reader of Umberto 에코 or Borgese, you shouldn't miss "the Arcane Enchanter." (kim Hong-joon)

Pupi Avati (푸피 아바띠 )
Born in Bologna, ltaly, 1938. He is an unknown director to us. However, he started his career as a filmmaker in 1969. The Arcane Enchanter is very fantastic tale set in 16th century, awarded at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film. His latest film is The Best Man.