2th Film

Subject : The Trick 트릭
Director : Rob Green (롭 그린)
ETC : U.K./ 1997/11min/ 1.85/ color/ 35mmA panel of master magicians hold an audition to judge the best magic trick. Each contestant claims to be the best but the judges are not even slightly impressed. One by one, the magicians are casted away by the judges, failling to meet thier high-brow criteria.
In any competition, the best of the best usually appears at the end and such a man emerges at last. This true master of illusion comes on the scene and starts to perform an unbelievable magical feat. Instead of pulling rabbits out of a hat, this magician hsa something else up his sleeve. In fact, it is a little pen-sized object that entertains us with a magical surprise.(Na Ho-Won)

Rob Green (롭 그린)
Born in UK, 1964. He worked as editor for 10years, and ge came to make his own film named The Black Cat. His second film, The Trick won the first place in Brussels International Festival of Fantasy of Fantasy Film. Now he is planning to make feature film.