2th Film

Subject : Trigon 트리곤
Director : Niklas Roy (니클라스 로이 )
ETC : GERMANY/1997/15min/2.35/B&W/35mmOne day, a group of photo journalists invite themselves to Mr. Kreutzer's home. Enraged by this sudden disturbance, he storms out of the house to out the cameramen away from his territory. In the midst of havoc, Kreutzer suddenly disappears when cameras flash at him. The next day, newspapers carry his photos taken just before his disappearance, exclaiming how he mysteriously vanished. Mr. Kreutzer is actually trapped inside one of the newspaper photos.
As we travel with Mr. Kreutzer, we feel immersed in the world of mass media. The unwavering #999999-and-white images exhibit the witty, daring spirit of the director who wrote the screenplay at the age of 19 and completed the movie three years later.(Na Ho-Won)

Niklas Roy (니클라스 로이 )
Born in Nuremberg, Germany, 1974. He is now involved with Beimann Cineastic, the independent film society. He has made film since the age fourteen. He has planned making a Trigon since he was 19, and this film took three years untill it was finished.