Subject : Geri's Game
Director : Jan Pinkava ( ī)
ETC : USA/1997/5min/1.85/Color/35min One Sunday afternoon, a silver-haired old codger named Geri staggers into an empty park and set a chessboard on his frequented bench.
He stares solemnly at the chess pieces he so delicately placed and waits for a worthy opponent. Amid giving up hope on a chess player, his alter ego springs up from underneath the bench and challenges him to a duel. They battle each other in a to-the-death chess match until the last piece is left standing.
Director Jan Pinkava used powerful new software tools to create the skin and facial expressions of the elderly men, the first computer animation that convincingly rendered humans. (Na Ho-Won)

Jan Pinkava ( ī)
Born in UK, he has made animation film using super 8mm camera since childhood. He studied science and robot engineering in university, and worked at Digital Pictures. He has also worked at the Pixar Animation Studio for two years, and made Geri's game. This film won the Best Short Animation Film at Academy Award.