2th Film

Subject : The Curse of Doctor Schnitzel 슈니첼 박사의 저주
Director : Eric Figon (에릭 피공 )
ETC : BELGIUM/1997/9min/1.66/b&w/35mm The dishonorable Doktor Schnizel preserves his mother's dead body and carries out a project to materialize a miracle of resurrection. After making final preparation, he ventures out to find an energetic young woman to make the final touches on his experiment. One night, he succeeds in taking a woman home and prepares her for the evil deed against her will.
The Curse of Doktor Schnitzel is a silent movie falling along the lines of the classic style of German experssionism that was used to furnish the film classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The film was given the Audience's Award at the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival last year. (Na Ho-Won)

Eric Figon (에릭 피공 )
Born in France, 1960. The Black Flower and The Curse of Doktor Schnizel will be shown in PiFan98. The Curse of Doktor Schnitzel won the Audience Award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film.