19th Film

Ownerless Flower Uhwudong
어우동: 주인 없는 꽃

Director LEE Soo Sung (이수성)
Information Korea | 2015 | 101 | D-Cinema | Color

In 500 years ago, Chosun dynasty, there is a woman who was born in nobles, elegance, beautiful and even intelligent. After her husband’s betray, in revenge, she reborns as a ‘Flower’ even the King wanted to be with. This film depicts marvelous historical scandal in Chosun Dynasty, having a woman name of ‘Uhwudong’ at once beck and call.

LEE Soo Sung (이수성)

Born in 1975, Lee Soo Sung made his feature-length directorial debut in 2010 with Mr Zombie. Then he produced and directed melodramatic adults movies including House With A Nice View(2012), Jit(2013), Art

of Dating
(2013). Lee , a CEO of Leefilm and passionate director visits Bucheon as a leader in K-Inide genre film.