19th Film

The Stone

Director CHO Se Rae ()
Information Korea | 2013 | 109 | D-Cinema | Color

A small time gang boss, Namhae coincidentally meets a young talented Go player Minsu, who wasting his days as a gambler. Namhae persuades him to be his private tutor. While he is learning Go and spending some peaceful time with Minsu, suddenly allows himself to reflect on his life, Minsu discovers the shady underworld of his student. But when his competitor wants to expand its territory, Namhae forced into a path of destruction.

CHO Se Rae ()

He has worked as a novelist, screenwriter, TV writer, and assistant director for over a decade. But because of hardship of life, he tried numerous different businesses. Meanwhile, he consistently wrote film scripts and novels. His film <The Stone> premiered at the 2013 Locarno International Film Festival.