19th Film


Director NAM Ki Woong (남기웅)
Information Korea | 2013 | 72 | HD | Color

Mizo, who get abandoned new born baby in trash can, lived messed up. She keeps tiny blood stained clothes, covered her when she discovered. She wants to find her real parents who abandoned her. However, her father, Woo-sang lives still like a bounder. Mizo plans the most heart-breaking scheme of revenge and get closer to Woo-sang, who never has sympathy for others even hurts of himself.

NAM Ki Woong (남기웅)

Nam Ki Woong, always showing his unique style of art works, by his famous film Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in DaeHakRho which swept film festival all over the world, and Cho Yun – Fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl. He had visited Buchoen 2007, with his film The Last of Mustang Boy.