19th Film

Ruined Heart: Another Love Story Between a Criminal and a Whore
루인드 하트: 킬러와 창녀의 러브스토리

Director Khavn DE LA CRUZ (카븐 델라크루즈)
Information Phillippines, Germany | 2014 | 73 | D-Cinema | Color

Somewhere in Manila, a crime boss rules with an iron fist uses religion and violence to stay in power. If it didn’t accomplish, his goons do. To his most loyal henchman he gives the task of guarding his lover. Before long, she falls in love with the henchman, and the star-crossed lovers decided to leave town. Fighting ensues. It is while on the run that they finally get to know each other for the first time…

Khavn DE LA CRUZ (카븐 델라크루즈)

De La Cruz is considered as the father of Philippine digital filmmaking. He has made 45 features and more than a hundred short films, most of which have received prizes, been given retrospectives, and presented

in international film festivals. He has served as a jury member in several international film festivals, too.