19th Film

Haruko's Paranormal Laboratory
하루코의 파라노말 액티비티

Director TAKEBA Lisa (타케바 리사)
Information Japan | 2015 | 74 | D-Cinema | Color

Haruko is a young lady who lives alone and talks to TV every day. One day, the Haruko’s TV turns into human figure. Haruko is surprised but happy to be with the TV man as a couple. Later the TV man starts to find a job but fails because of his look. A producer discovers his special skills of speaking 12 languages and makes him a TV star. Quickly, the TV man becomes much more famous than they expected…

TAKEBA Lisa (타케바 리사)

Lisa’s short film The Wandering Alien Detective Robin(2012) was invited to Rotterdam International Film Festival. Her other work The World Most Beautiful Dictionary(2011) was invited to Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Soho Film Festival in New York. Last year, His film The Pinkie was screened at BiFan2014.