19th Film

100 Yen Love

Director TAKE Masaharu (타케 마사하루)
Information Japan | 2014 | 113 | D-Cinema | Color

A self-indulgent 32 year-old woman, Ichiko, decides to live on her own and starts to work in a “100 yen shop” (99 cents store). On her way back home, she meets a middle-aged boxer, Yuji, and falls in love with him. This does not only invigorate her, but makes her aim to become a pro-boxer.

TAKE Masaharu (타케 마사하루)

Born in 1967, Aichi Prefecture. Made his feature directing debut in 2006 with Boy Meets Girl, followed by the Cafe Daikanyama series(2008), Hanamuko wa 18-sai(2008), Cafe Seoul(2009) and so on. Masaharu who already has a reputation for pleasingly simple but some heavy-footed directing skills has filmed Korea several times as well as other countries.