19th Film

Boy from Wonderland
앨리스: 원더랜드에서 온 소년

Director HUH Eun Hee (허은희)
Information Korea | 2015 | 115 | D-Cinema | Color

Hye has suffered from severe nightmares. They actually happen in reality and finally endanger her life. She decides to return a private resort called ‘Wonderland’. It was the summer villa tour for her family 24 years ago. There is a mysterious and enchanting man, Hwan waiting for her. Within 15 days, she should find what she lost to stop her nightmares. If she can’t everybody will die.

HUH Eun Hee (허은희)

HUH Eun Hee was born in Korea, and graduated from Film Directing Program at California Institute of the Arts. She is now a professor of the department of Film Studies at Dong-Eui University. She has been working in Film, Video and Theatre production and has written and directed more than 30 films and plays including Love Letter, Bucket Story, and Cabaret, etc.