19th Film

Sweet Family
고구마 가족

Director PARK Joong Ha (박중하)
Information Korea | 2015 | 17 | D-Cinema | Color

In the morning, a couple is digging sweet potatoes on the farm listening to music. On other side, some guy is watching them secretly, aiming with shotgun. But his shot is disturbed by Hae-on who is a daughter of the couple. At once the suspicious guy run away from the farm but angry dad chases the man to forest. After a while, Hae-on and mother leave the farm to look for her father.

PARK Joong Ha (박중하)

Born in 1980, the director Park Joong Ha graduated Suwon University majored in Environmental Engineer in 2006. He has a Masters of Fine Art degree in Media, he directed three short films Breakfast(2011), Persimmon tree(2013) and Sweet Family(2015).