19th Film

The Master Plan
마스터 플랜

Director Alain Darborg (알라인 다르보리)
Information Sweden | 2015 | 91 | D-Cinema | Color

When the uncle of mastermind Charles-Ingvar Jönsson gets murdered, he brings together a league consisting of Sweden´s best impostor, an explosives expert and a burglary specialist to finalize his plan for revenge and perform a complicated heist.

Alain Darborg (알라인 다르보리)

Alain Darborg is a Swedish film director and screenwriter. He was educated at the IHTV Film School in Gothenburg and has a Bachelor Degree in Media Studies at the Skövde University. He has made a number of award winning shorts and also directed several successful TVseries. His short film George is awarded in 2008 and has been shown at several festivals and Swedish Television