19th Film


Director Antoine BARDOU-JACQUET (앙투완 바르두-자퀘트)
Information France | 2015 | 96 | D-Cinema | Color

Who would you vote for the film director that would most likely to succeed in making the first Moon landing film? You would probably go for George LUCAS from Star Wars, Christopher NOLAN from Interstella, or Alfonso CUARON from Gravity nowadays. But if you are asked same question in the late 1960s, you would probably answer Stanley KUBRICK from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Moonwalkers starts from such a musing ‘cinematic’ imagination. Set against a backdrop of late 60s in London, fashion and hippie movement capital, a CIA agent Kidman (Ron PERLMAN) was sent to England to hire Stanley KUBRICK to film the first Moon landing of APOLO 11. For this internationally greatest swindle in history, Johnny (Rupert GRINT), who is a manager of not-so-famous rock band, dreaming to change his life and his best friend Leon (Robert SHEEHAN), who accidently becomes Stanly KUBRICK joins, Moonwalkers days back to 60s but depicts the dreams of youth that still valid these days. Kidman is competent but suffers from a trauma from the past, Johnny wants to pursuit his dream to live a successful life but earthbound, and Leon just spends days doing nothing. They reflect yourselves as their struggles are us battling with everyday lives and at the same time, are our cry screaming that we are not going to be end up being a bystander.

But don’t fall into depression so hastily. The hippie look from the late 60s London spread by Rupert GRINT, once Ron WEASLEY from Harry Potter came back with the glamorous mod fashion with floral shirts and flared pants, and Hellboys Ron PERLMAN who often plays beasts, but here with his lively fashion iconic look, rock’n roll sound that gests to your heart, and lastly, dashing, dreamlike images, all together they allow us to get a glimpse of the world with full of love and freedom that hippies dreamed of.  That day with love & peace and freedom & harmony never came. But if we still are dreaming of the same dream of theirs, don’t you think perhaps they have accomplished something as the Moon landing of APOLO 11?

Antoine BARDOU-JACQUET (앙투완 바르두-자퀘트)

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet founded H5, a group of artists, designers, directors (Academy Award winners for Logorama). Subject currently listed in the Guinness book of World Records as director of History’s Most Awarded Commercial (Honda Cog and Choir). Moonwalkers is his feature debut film.