18th Film

Wood Job!
우드 잡!

Director YAGUCHI Shinobu (야구치 시노부)
Information Japan | 2014 | 116 | HD | Color

Hirano wants to live an easy life, like working a part-time job after his high school graduation. But after failing his university entrance examinations and being left by his girlfriend decides to join a forestry training program on seeing an attractive female on a promotional leaflet. However, he soon discovers that the job is harder than he expected, working under the hard-working superior.

YAGUCHI Shinobu (야구치 시노부)

Born in 1967, he won the 1990 Pia Film Festival Grand Prix with his feature-length 8mm Rain Bringer(1990). With the scholarship money he received, he then made his 16mm debut with Down the Drain(1993). After that, Swing Girls(2004) won five Awards of the Japanese Academy, for Best Screenplay, Best Music Score, Best Sound, Best Editing, and Most Popular Film.