18th Film

18 - Eighteen Noir
18 - 우리들의 성장느와르

Director HAN Yun Sun (한윤선)
Information Korea | 2013 | 104 | D-Cinema | Color

Dong Do is normal high school student. One day, he becomes friends with his classmate Hyun Seung and his bullying clique. Cigarettes and harsh words belched out of their mouths attract him, and friendship engaging violence gradually engages him. Meanwhile, he has a crush on Yeon Hee in the clique and the friendship returns to him as a fear for violence.

HAN Yun Sun (한윤선)

Born in 1983, he graduated from Seoul Film Academy in 2001 and Neo Film Academy in 2003. When Winters Screams(2012) is the his first movie he produced. 18-Eighteen Noir(2013) is selected in PiFan2014. 18-Eighteen Noir(2013) is achieved the Best Narrative prize at LA Film and Script Festival.