18th Film

방황하는 칼날

Director LEE Jung Ho (이정호)
Information Korea | 2013 | 122 | D-Cinema | Color

The cold body of middle school student Su Jin is found at an abandoned public bathhouse. The father, Sang Hyeon is helpless in the face of his daughter’s death. And one day, he receives an anonymous text message with information about the killer and he kills him in a fit of rage, Upon examining the murder scene, the detective, Eok Gwan realizes that Sang Hyeon is the killer and sets out on his trail.

LEE Jung Ho (이정호)

Born in 1972, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Theater and Film at Cheongju University. His debut feature film Bestseller(2010) won the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation award for Asian film at the PiFan2010. 3 years later, he is making a career as thriller director through Broken.