18th Film


Director Lorenzo RECIO (로렌조 레치오)
Information France | 2014 | 23 | D-Cinema | Color

Taipei. Xiao Shou is a shy boy, and a traveling puppeteer with shadow puppets. One day, he encounters the gorgeous Ann, and instantly falls in love with her. But this does not preclude the terrible accident which will drown the boy into a world of darkness, before he can actually declare his feelings. Feel this dark love story if you can.

Lorenzo RECIO (로렌조 레치오)

Since he started doing films, in animation first and then in fiction, Lorenzo Recio always worked in the area of fantasy tales. He directed almost ten shorts including The Minotaur Dance(1998), The Spanish princess, the Donkey and the Architect(2001), The Headless Sailor(2005), Lisa(2008) among them some awarded worldwide. In 2014, he directed Shadow in Taiwan