18th Film

Raging Balls of Steel Justice
분노의 심판자, 스틸

Director Mike MORT (마이크 모트)
Information UK | 2013 | 15 | D-Cinema | Color

Chuck Steel is ‘the best Goddamn cop on the force’ according to his long suffering boss, Captain Jack. But even Chuck has his work cut out when the city’s most influential banker is kidnapped by a group of escaped convicts armed to the teeth with stolen firearms. With the aid of his sex-obsessed robot partner, Chuck must fight a desperate battle against overwhelming odds to save the hostage!

Mike MORT (마이크 모트)

Mike Mort is an award winning stop motion animation director, writer and producer based in Wales. With over 20 years experience Mike has worked mainly in the world of commercials and TV series such as Gogs(1995 – 1996) and Aunt Tiger(2000) as well as providing the animated end sequence for Danny Boyle's A Life Less Ordinary(1997). Mike is currently in pre-production of his first feature length film.