18th Film

The Dark Valley
다크 밸리

Director Andreas PROCHASKA (안드레아스 프로차스카)
Information Austria | Germany | 2013 | 114 | D-Cinema | Color

Whoever said Westerns were a long forgotten genre? As long as people still believe in good and evil and that justice prevails in the end, the lonely western movie-hero will still strap on to his six-shooter. A lonely cowboy climbs up a remote, Alpine road – nobody knows where he came from, or why he came, but the mysterious cowboy is suddenly pointing his gun at the town’s people, in revenge.

Andreas PROCHASKA (안드레아스 프로차스카)

Andreas Prochaska was born in 1964 in Vienna. In 2012 Andreas Prochaska’s TV film A Day for a Miracle won him the Bavarian TV Award for Best Directing. A Day for a Miracle was also nominated for the Grimme Award and won the International Emmy Award 2013. At the 35th edition of the Bavarian Film Awards Andreas Prochaska won the award for Best Director for The Dark Valley.