Excellent actor Nice Guy, Simon YAM

SubJect : PTU
Director : Johnnie TO
Etc : Hong Kong/2003/88/35mm/Color
SubJect : Election
Director : Johnnie TO
Etc : Hong Kong/2005/100/35mm/Color
SubJect : Eye in the Sky
Director : YAU Nai Hoi
Etc : Hong Kong/2007/90/35mm/Color
SubJect : Echoes of the Rainbow
Director : Alex LAW
Etc : Hong Kong/2010/117/35mm/Color
SubJect : Tales from the Dark
Director : Simon YAM Fruit CHAN LEE Chi Ngai
Etc : Hong Kong/2013/113/D-Cinema/Color
SubJect : Two Thumbs Up
Director : LAU Ho Leung
Etc : Hong Kong/2015/103/D-Cinema/Color