KAFA+ Next D “3D, Once Again”

SubJect : Mad Sad Bad
Director : RYOO Seung Wan, HAN Ji Seung, KIM Tae Yong
Etc : Korea/2014/116/D-Cinema (3D)/Color
SubJect : Elephant in the Room
Director : PARK Swimming, KWON Ho Young, KWON Chil In
Etc : Korea/2015/100/D-Cinema (3D)/Color
SubJect : The Last Day on Earth
Director : LIM Chan Ik
Etc : Korea/2014/14/D-Cinema (3D)/Color
SubJect : The Autopsy of the Memory
Director : PARK Gyu Tek
Etc : Korea/2014/27/D-Cinema (3D)/Color
SubJect : Like Soldiers, Like Children
Director : LIM Bo Young
Etc : Korea/2015/24/D-Cinema (3D)/Color
SubJect : Man and Wife
Director : KIM Hyun Woo
Etc : Korea/2015/26/D-Cinema (3D)/Color