World Fantastic Cinema


  ★ SEC: World Fantastic Cinema
  ★ SUB   Falling Distance 4'1 130센티미터
  ★ DIR: Tokiwa Shiro (토키와 시로)
  ★ ETC: Japan/2005/103min/Digi-Beta/Color


Asahi is a 12-year-old who should be happy with her good family and good house. She falls into the illustrated storybook 'Pandora’s box' and tries to commit suicide. Osawa, Keiko, Rodi and Maruma wander all over the streets of Tokyo. They kidnap a middle-aged businessman, a young woman and a high school girl. They never ask for ransom, they are just happy to commit kidnapping. The truck that they are on suddenly stops. A middle-aged man with a white pipe is standing in front of the truck. He has lost his job and was deserted by his family, so he became mad. His sudden appearance throws them into disorder. What happened to him and is he trying to commit suicide? What is the relation between Asahi and the truck? Greed, sorrow, anger and betrayal flow in this film. It is similar to a Pandora’s box that is full of man's evil mind. Asahi says in the film, "The beautiful box is full of dirty things but the world just wants to look into the box.” The words that come from the child makes us re-think our values again.


Tokiwa Shiro (토키와 시로)
Born in 1973 in Fukuoka. He worked for an ad commercial agency for three years and has been a freelance director since 1999. He worked in a variety fields such as TV commercials, animation, music video and as a designer.